They cannot be expected to fold arms and wait indefinitely,” adds Garang. Writing in African Arguments, Sudan expert Stephen Arrno says: “What is now considered an “empty” move by the nine Ngok Dinka.

They cannot be expected to fold arms and wait indefinitely," adds Garang. Writing in African Arguments, Sudan expert Stephen Arrno says: [

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Kiir has paid a high price by shedding close and influential friends in an attempt to gain Khartoum’s trust. Stephen Arrno is a policy analyst working in South Sudan.

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What does the unilateral referendum for Abyei mean for the state’s people? – By Stephen Arrno – The on-going process of a “unilateral” referendum for Abyei has suffered condemnation by all stakeholders including the government of South Sudan. However, this “community referendum’, as christened.

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Stephen Arrno is a political analyst working in South Sudan. [i] The Peace and Security Council of the African Union 403rd meeting Communiqué

Whilst many people remain hopeful that the peace talks currently underway in Addis Ababa will lead to a genuine resolution of the conflict in South Sudan, we need to understand that both Sudan and Sou.

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